Gyokucho Blue Hard Komame 240 Replacement Saw Blade


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This replacement saw blade belongs to the Gyokucho Blue Hard Komame 240 (G651)

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The Gyokucho Blue Hard Komame 240 has a very fine toothing of 20 TPI. This makes this Japanese saw excellent for fine woodworking and very clean cuts. The saw blade has one side for cross cuts and one side for rip cuts.

Use this Ryoba for hardwood and very fine wood, wood panel materials such as thin MDF, plywood and delicate plastic. Ideal for cabinet makers, interior designers, restorers and other fine woodworkers.

Gyokucho Blue Hard saws have a narrower saw blade than Gyokucho Seiun Saku saws. This makes it easier to use the Blue Hard saw.

The wooden handle is wrapped in rattan in the traditional style and the saw blade is very easy to replace.

The teeth of this Japanese saw are hardened to a surface hardness of 68 to 71 HRC. This makes the teeth hard and durable on the outside. This is important for the characteristic high-quality cutting properties.

Comes with a plastic teethguard.

Manufacturer Article Number: Gyokucho Japanese Saw S651

Item number: GS651 Categories: , Tags: , , rip
Blade length

Leaf thickness

0.50 mm


0.73 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)

11-7, 20

Product type

Ryoba-Saw, Saw Blade


Very fine


Suitable for longitudinal cuts?


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