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This exceptional Japanese flat plane is particularly suitable for fine processing of any workpiece. Made from one piece of Japanese white oak.

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Add a new dimension to woodworking with this exceptional Japanese flat plane. Use this plane for honing and fine finishing of all types of wood. The remarkable smoothness achieved with this plane is one of the special features of the Kanna. The Japanese flat plane is used to work on tension. Correctly adjusted, this Japanese plane produces wafer-thin shavings and finishing of the workpiece is usually not necessary.

The Takagi flat planes contain replaceable HSS blades that can be changed easily. This eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming plane chisel grinding. The HSS blades fit precisely between the forged steel back of the plane and the chisel and can be adjusted precisely to your own requirements. The blades of these Japanese planes are induction-hardened to 68 HRC and therefore guarantee a very long service life.

Before use, adjusting the plane requires some precision and patience. However, the result you achieve is incomparable. Japanese block planes need regular maintenance, as changing conditions such as humidity and temperature fluctuations can affect the sole of the plane. Therefore, regularly check that the sole of the plane is still flat and, if necessary, correct it with sandpaper or a scraping iron.

Replacement blades item no. 01PN50 (available on request)

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