Microsaw for metal 100555

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This Dozuki microsaw is particularly suitable for fine sawing work in metal and non-ferrous metals.

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A very fine and solid Dozuki microsaw for fine sawing work in metal (non-ferrous metals) and conductors. The saw blade has an additional back reinforcement to support the very thin saw blade of only 0.30 mm. With this small hand saw you can saw very precisely, even in small spaces.

The handle is a "soft grip" made of plastic and therefore fits nicely in the hand. The teeth of the microsaw are inductively hardened and therefore have a very long life.

Spare saw blade Article no. 010555


Item number: 100555 Categories: ws, ws Tags: saw, saw, saw, saw, saw
Total length

295 mm

Blade length

Leaf thickness

0.40 mm


0.55 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)


Spare blade

Item no. 010555


Extra fine


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  1. J.W. Severijnen -

    A very good Dozuki saw in every respect. Moreover, delivered quickly and packed in a genuine Japanese newspaper (nice detail). It is advised to keep the saw clean and to clean it occasionally with a little oil. Unfortunately it is not specified with what kind of oil. (Translated from Dutch)

    J.W. Severijnen -

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