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Shark Saw Pro coarse cut-off saw 115450


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Multifunctional Kataba-hand saw for rough cutting work. Also very suitable for wet wood, cuts very aggressively and efficiently.

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A multifunctional cut-off saw for rough work with an ergonomically shaped 2-component "soft grip" that is very comfortable and provides protection for the hands during use. A coarse Kataba hand saw that is also very suitable for wet carpentry. Saws very aggressively but with a clean saw cut, especially in larger beams, posts and timber. With a saw blade of 300 mm and coarse toothing of 9TPI (teeth per inch), this Japanese saw is one of the most efficient saws in the Shark Saw Pro range.

The teeth of the Shark Saw Japanese saws are induction hardened to 68-71 HRC and guarantee a very long service life. This Kataba hand saw fits in every toolbox. The saw blade can be changed easily and quickly with the push button technology.

Comes with a plastic teethguard.

Spare saw blade Article no. 015450

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Total length

485 mm

Blade length

Leaf thickness

0.70 mm


1.20 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)


Product type



Item no. 015450


Very coarse


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