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Shark Saw Pro carpenter's saw 112312

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An excellent and versatile Kataba hand saw that no workshop or toolbox should be without. Designed with an ergonomically shaped "soft grip".


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The Shark Saw Pro carpenter's saw is a very sharp Kataba-hand saw that is very suitable for general sawing work. With this Kataba Japanese saw you can easily and quickly saw wood, boards and beams up to 300 mm thick. Even plastic sheets are no problem for this practical handsaw. The minimally set teeth make it possible to create clean and smooth joints without reworking. Furniture makers, interior designers and restorers appreciate this Shark Saw carpenter's saw for its excellent and versatile sawing properties.

The saw teeth of the Shark Saw Japanese saws are induction hardened to 68-71 HRC and therefore guarantee a very long service life and durability. The handy and compact model is ideal as a cut-off or mitre saw. The saw blade can be changed easily with push-button technology. The Shark Saw Pro carpenter's saw is designed with an ergonomically shaped "soft grip" handle.

Comes with a plastic teethguard.

Spare saw blade Article no. 012312G

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Total length

475 mm

Blade length

Leaf thickness

0.60 mm


0.90 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)


Spare blade

Item no. 012312G




total 5.0

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  1. Per-Erik -

    Great saw and very good service men. We tried the saw and now use it every day. Super sharp and very accurate. Thank you, Per-Erik Halvorsen (Translated from Dutch)

    Per-Erik -

  2. Jos -

    I should have had this saw earlier. Nice saw cut and nice and fast. Fast delivery and good info. Thank you! (Translated from Dutch)

    Jos -

  3. Jaap Driest -

    A great saw. I use it to saw ebony for Japanese kitchen knife handles. No effort needed, smooth saw cut. (Translated from Dutch)

    Jaap Driest -

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