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Japanese saws

The practical handbook for woodworkers

In this manual you will find all the information you need to get straight to work with a Japanese saw. Suitable for more and less experienced woodworkers!

In this guide: What are Japanese saws, what are the advantages, how to use a Japanese saw, how to choose a Japanese saw? And much, much more!

Manual Japanese Saws

Change your saw blade

With conventional Katabas, the saw blade can be easily changed for different applications. We explain how to change the saw blade like a professional.

An affordable Japanese saw

Japanese saws are sometimes unjustifiably regarded as expensive tools. We are happy to explain why Japanese saws are actually very affordable.

Set up your plane yourself

A well-adjusted Japanese plane produces wafer-thin shavings. We help you set up this special tool.

Authentic quality

The Japanese saw is a unique example of timeless craftsmanship combined with modern production techniques.