Gyokucho RAZORSAW A 240 Spare saw blade

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This replacement saw blade belongs to the Gyokucho RAZORSAW A 240 (G300)

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This RAZORSAW A from Gyokucho is a general Dozuki. The 240 mm saw blade has fine 17 TPI teeth and cuts only 0.51 mm thick. Choose this Japanese saw for a clean cut in general joinery and wood panel materials. Ideal for craftsmen and DIYers when making tight wood joints.

The saw blade of this Japanese saw produces cuts of only 0.51 mm and is replaceable.

The wooden handle is wrapped in rattan in the traditional style and the saw blade is very easy to replace.

The teeth of this Japanese saw are hardened to a surface hardness of 68 to 71 HRC. This makes the teeth hard and durable on the outside. This is important for the characteristic high-quality cutting properties.

Comes with a plastic teethguard.

Manufacturer Part Number: Gyokucho Japan Saw S300

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Blade length

Leaf thickness

0.30 mm


0.51 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)


Product type

Dozuki-Saw, Saw Blade




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  1. Christine S. -

    Bought this saw blade to replace my 27 year old! first Gyokucho .
    The old blade still does it, even though I broke a tooth out over the many years, which was the reason to get a replacement.
    Great that after so many years there is still consistent quality that still fits the old handle.
    This is an exception, especially in this day and age!
    Only recommended!

    Christine S. -

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