Japanese Hammer Kikudo 225


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Authentic 225 gram Japanese hammer (Kikudo) with octagonal head and long handle.

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This beautiful Japanese hammer (also called Kikudo) with 225 grams was designed with great attention.

The octagonal hammer head has two different ends. One side is flat and the other side is convex. With the convex side it is possible to sink nails and assembly work without damaging the workpiece. Use the flat side in combination with Japanese chisels or for setting Japanese planes.

The hammer has a long ergonomically shaped handle that allows you to work comfortably. In addition, the hammer is extremely effective and comparable in its performance to a western hammer of a higher weight class.

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Hammer head weight

225 gram

Total weight

185 gram


330 mm

Hammer head dimensions

21 mm x 19 mm x 76 mm

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