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Shark Saw Pro Plaster Saw 112206


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The Shark Saw Pro plaster saw quickly saws and "drills" through plaster walls and is therefore particularly suitable as a hand saw for installation work.

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Use this short Shark Saw Pro Kataba as a plaster saw, scroll saw or rough jigsaw. Very suitable for cutting plasterboard, plaster walls and walls made of plaster blocks, board material made of wood, wood fibre or MDF. The ergonomically shaped handle has a "soft grip", therefore it lies nicely in the hand and it is a pleasure to work with this practical Japanese saw. The sturdy pointed saw blade makes it easy to poke a hole in the wall. Then the desired shape can be sawn out with the saw blade. The saw works like a rough scroll saw.

This Japanese saw is particularly well suited as a plaster saw, scroll saw or jigsaw. An excellent small hand saw for plumbers and electricians and an indispensable tool in the toolbox.

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Total length

305 mm

Blade length

Leaf thickness

1.60 mm


1.90 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)


Product type



Very coarse


total 0.0

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