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Japanese chisels Oire Nomi 5-piece set


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Japanese chisel set (Oire Nomi). 5-piece set made of laminated steel and a red oak handle. Forged by master blacksmith Murakuni.

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These professional Japanese chisels consist of two parts. A softer part that is in the handle and a significantly harder cutting surface. The hard cutting surface ensures a perfect wood cut and the softer part absorbs the blows efficiently. Hitachi's special "white paper steel" is extremely suitable for chisels and knives.

The chisels have a hollow back. This hollow back makes working and grinding easier. The impact ring on the back of the chisels considerably extends the life of the handles and are easy to fit on the handle. The more the chisels are used, the tighter the impact rings will fit.

This special set, forged by master smith Murakuni, comes in a matching wooden box.

Components of this set: chisel 9 mm, chisel 15 mm, chisel 24 mm, chisel 30 mm and chisel 36 mm.

Sharpen the Japanese chisels with the Japanese sharpening stones 1000 and 3000.

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Total length

225 mm

Blade length

Leaf thickness

6 mm


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