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Sharpening stone grain 1000/3000 4005590


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Keep your tools in top condition with this high-quality sharpening stone (grindstone). The sharpening stone has 1000 grit on one side and 3000 grit on the other.

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In stock

Keep your tools in top condition with this sharpening stone (grindstone). Use the 1000 grit side to keep your tools sharp after use. For razor-sharp sharpening of your tools, use the 3000 grit side to get a result that is sharper than new. This side is normally used as a polishing stone or for sharpening razor blades, for example.

The sharpening stone is used in combination with water. The stone can easily be rinsed off together with the residue. Use the entire surface of the sharpening stone to avoid cavities in the stone. If desired, the sharpening stone can be smoothed with waterproof sandpaper (220 grit) after some time.

Total length

175 mm


50 mm


30 mm

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