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Ryoba 180 mm narrow 10RN180N


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A slim traditional Japanese Ryoba, which fits into a modest budget. Compact design and particularly precise in use.

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A traditional Ryoba Japanese saw with excellent sawing properties and wide range of applications, especially for finer work. Use this compact and fine Ryoba for example for precious wood and model making. The saw is traditionally made with wooden handle and a particularly sharp saw blade of 180 mm length.

On the cutting side, the saw has a three-sided ground trapezoidal toothing with 17 TPI. The longitudinal cutting side of the saw blade has triangular toothing up to 7 TPI. The saw blade is particularly narrow with a width of 55 mm, making the saw easier to use and allowing better control.

This Japanese saw is especially suitable for the woodworker who is looking for an authentic Japanese fine saw that fits into a modest budget. The saw blades on this Ryoba are hardened, but the teeth can be reground.

Replacement blades are not available.

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TPI (tanden per inch)

17(afkortzijde) / 7 - 9 (schulpzijde)

Total length

210 mm

Blade length

Leaf thickness

0.50 mm


0.70 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)

9-7, 17




Suitable for longitudinal cuts?


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