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Large set Shark Saw Pro 010114

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A versatile set of four saw blades suitable for many jobs on the construction site and in the workshop.

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Shark Saw Per set with 1 handle and 4 saw blades. The saw blades can be changed easily with a push button technology. The teeth of the Shark Saw saws are induction hardened to 68-71 HRC and guarantee a very long service life and durability. The saw blades are supplied with a plastic tooth guard.

The set consists of:

- Comfortable 2-component "soft grip

- 012415 Large carpenter's saw (10 TPI)

- 012312 General carpenter's saw (14 TPI)

- 012201 Plastic saw (17 TPI)

- 015450 Coarse multi-saw (9 TPI)


012415: Suitable for general sawing work and thick beams. Easily and quickly saws wood, board material and beams up to 380 mm thick. Also suitable for thicker beams and damp wood. The minimally set teeth make it possible to create clean and smooth joints in larger beams. An excellent saw with aggressive teeth.

012312: Saw blade for general carpenter's saw, easily and quickly saws wood, boards and beams up to 300 mm thick. Also suitable for plastic panels. The minimally set teeth make it possible to create clean and tight joints in larger beams.

012201: A real plastic or plastics saw. Especially suitable for plastics such as PVC, PE, PP, ABS, Trespa and Plexiglas. A Japanese saw especially for plastics, but can also be used as a wood saw for fine sawing work. The saw blade is ideal for delicate boards and laminate.

015450: Saw blade for rough cutting work, but also suitable for wet carpentry wood. Saws very aggressively, but always with a clean cut. With a saw blade of 300 mm and coarse toothing of 9TPI (teeth per inch), this saw is one of the most aggressive saws in the range.

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  1. marc.fouriau -

    Fast and correct delivery.
    Comfortable to use. Quickly replaceable saws that do their job more than well. Briefly get used to using the saw and then let the saw do the work! Great! (Translated from Dutch)

    marc.fouriau -

  2. Kataba -

    Good razor-sharp set with which I can work perfectly. Easy to order/pay for. Delivered in 2 days. Problem-free, easy saw blade change.

    Kataba -