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Shark Saw Pro Basic Set 010115


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A set of the most indispensable Japanese saws (Kataba + Ryoba + Dozuki) for general and inexperienced woodworkers.

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For those who have less experience in woodworking, it can be difficult to choose their first Japanese saws. That's why we've put together the most essential Japanese saws for woodworkers in one set. Also ideal for experienced woodworkers looking for Japanese saws for a variety of applications. This set consists of a two-sided Ryoba saw, a Kataba carpenter's saw and a Dozuki fine saw. These 3 types of saws together form the basis that every woodworker can fall back on.

The teeth of the Shark Saw saws are induction hardened to 68 - 71 HRC and guarantee a very long service life. Replacing the saw blade is very easy with the characteristic push-button technology of Shark Saw . The handles are also equipped with a comfortable 2-component rubber.

Each saw is supplied with a plastic tooth guard.

The set consists of:

- Shark Saw Pro fine saw with back reinforcement 112410 (19 TPI)
The Shark Saw fine saw (Dozuki model) has a back reinforcement for extra control when sawing. Use this saw as a cut-off or mitre saw when a perfectly fitting and clean joint is important. Delicate plastic sheets can also be excellently sawn with this Japanese saw. This saw is used in practice as a parquet, laminate, skirting board or picture frame saw. But also in the construction of musical instruments where accuracy is required.

- Shark Saw Pro carpenter's saw 112312 (14 TPI)
The Shark Saw Pro carpenter's saw is a very sharp Kataba-hand saw that is very suitable for general sawing work. With this Kataba Japanese saw you can easily and quickly saw wood, boards and beams up to 300 mm thick. Even plastic sheets are no problem for this practical handsaw. The minimally set teeth make it possible to create clean and smooth joints without reworking. Furniture makers, interior designers and restorers appreciate this Shark Saw carpenter's saw for its excellent and versatile sawing properties.

- Shark Saw Pro two-sided saw 112440 (17 TPI)
A two sided Ryoba-hand saw for wood and panel material. One side has a three-sided ground toothing for cutting and mitre work, the other side has an accumulating triangular toothing, which is especially suitable for longitudinal cutting. This Japanese saw is very practical for interior work, restoration and furniture making. A saw for the real woodworker who strives for a particularly fine result.

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