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Japanese saw file 75 mm


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A fine Japanese saw file for sharpening Japanese saws with teeth from 17 TPI to 25 TPI.

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Use this saw file to sharpen Japanese saws with teeth from 17 TPI to 25 TPI. Only suitable for saws without extra hardened teeth. These saws can be recognised by a simple function. The saw blades are not interchangeable.

Non-replaceable saw blades are hardened, but not to the same hardness as replaceable saws. The interchangeable saw blades cannot be sharpened because of the extra hardness.

Non-replaceable saws usually have a very high quality, wider saw blade that slowly narrows after years of use and repeated sharpening.

Japanese woodworkers are often lovers of tradition and therefore like to sharpen their own saws. These woodworkers appreciate the quality of traditional Japanese saws and expressed their craftsmanship in the care of their tools, among other things.

This saw file is supplied with a beech wood handle. As some woodworkers prefer to sharpen without a handle, the handle is supplied unmounted.

The special saw file is also "cut" on the side so that you do not grind off the saw tooth but also sharpen the saw blade with it.

Not recommended for sharpening the smallest detail saw blades.

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